Perfect high Performance Cell phone Palm one Treo 680

The Palm One Treo 680 comes with a single ear bud headset,Guest Posting so if you plan to use the device as a music player, the users want to spring for Bluetooth enabled stereo headphones. The Palm One Treo 680 is one of the more attractive models in the Palm family, perhaps that’s because it lacks the antenna found on previous Treo’s top Palm Beach architects.

We found the Palm One Treo 680 comfortable to hold, both for making phone calls and for working with the organization functions. The Palm One Treo 680 has 2.5-inch display is sharp and bright enough to view even in direct sunlight.

The Bluetooth cell phone Palm One Treo 680 retains the easy-to-navigate interface that Palm is known for and adds a few nice touches. The phone menu, for example, features a five-tab view featuring the main phone view, the onscreen dialer, Favorites list, phone book, and call log.

You can move among these screens with the four-way navigation button or the touch screen. The smart cell phone Palm One Treo 680 comes with 2X zoom, the ability to create albums, a slide show viewer, and a video recorder.

The unlocked mobile phone Palm one 680 features for Calculator, HotSync Manager, Security, Calendar, Contacts, Solitaire, Tasks, Audible Player, World clock, Bejeweled, Memos, Blazer, Card Info, Quick Tour, Phone, Voice Memo, Bluetooth Manager, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Camera, Palm Versa Mail, Messaging, E reader for Palm OS, Pocket Tunes, Hand mark Solitaire, DataViz Documents To Go Professional Edition, DataViz Documents To Go 8, and Hand mark Pocket Express.

We tested the Palm One Treo 680 with Cingular and got consistently good call quality and decent data performance. The fashionable cell phone Palm One Treo 680 only works with GSM networks so you can only use it with Cingular and T-Mobile. One reason the Palm One Treo 680 is more attractive than earlier models is that this is the first model to come in a range of colors.

The smart handset Palm One Treo 680 phone battery for the 680 is only rated for 4 hours of talk time, and Standby 300 hours. We definitely noticed that it drained quickly in our testing, needing recharging at least every-other day, and sometimes every day. The users need to pack the charger for even short trips.

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