20 Simple Things To Do Today To Dramatically Increase Your Website Sales

Need to increase your website sales? There are major things you can do which often produce incredible results. Things like having your entire website professionally rewritten. However,Guest Posting there are many little things you can do which also generate increases in sales blanton’s full set.

Through a process of continuous testing and making continuous improvements you CAN increase sales! Combined, the results from making simple improvements can be more impressive than from making the major changes. Today I’d like to offer (in no special order) 20 simple things you can do to improve your website sales . Next week I’ll offer 20 more tips.

1. Review your product lineup. Ask yourself what is selling and what isn’t and honestly examine why. If a product simply isn’t needed don’t waste your time promoting it. If a product is producing very little revenue for you, find another product to promote. Devote your time and effort to products that are producing for you. Don’t be too stubborn to admit that perhaps you chose the wrong product to promote in the first place.

2. Revamp your ezine’s welcome message to reinforce the decision to subscribe and perhaps introduce one of your products. Don’t turn the welcome message into a sales letter, but do start familiarizing your subscribers with your product lineup. To reinforce the decision to subscribe, perhaps give the new subscriber an unannounced gift (make sure it is of real value).

I also include a sample copy of my ezine with the welcome message. This really serves to confirm what the subscriber will be getting each issue and if it’s not what he expected, he should unsubscribe. You do want targeted subscribers and you don’t want list members who don’t want to receive your material.

3. Review your ezine’s unsubscribe message. Since you WILL get unsubscribes, make the confirmation message a positive experience. Perhaps provide another bonus, some useful tips,
or tell them about a special you are running. This may be your last contact with this subscriber so use it wisely (without annoying the person).

4. Follow up purchases with an unexpected gift. Your customers are so use to having lots of sometimes useless bonuses promised to them that it is a pleasant surprise when they get an unexpected bonus that is really useful to them. Several well-know mentors of mine use this “under-promise and over-deliver” model.

It dramatically reduces “buyer remorse” and reinforces the decision to buy your product. Using this technique you are well on your way to building lots of repeat sales. Satisfied repeat customers often make many large purchases 🙂

5. Review your order handling process – from the web copy through to the delivery of the product. Place an order and have others place orders to evaluate the experience. Look for points in the sequence where a prospect might be turned off. Is there something about any page in the sequence that might generate doubt or negative feelings in the prospects mind?

A significant number of customers abandon orders at the order form or during the checkout process. Examine yours closely to reduce this happening on your website. Make sure your order process steps the customer through step-by-step while providing continuous reassurance.

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