December 2, 2022

Business coach with whistle

He accuses the media, political opponents/ adversaries, other lawyers, Whistle blowers, as having an agenda, and being, the Black State, while, we continue to experience, significantly, confirmed, explored information, from multiple events, like the Mueller Report, a few judicial jurisdictions, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and multiple committees, of the Home of Consultant, and much of the standard media ethicon lawsuit staples.

Whether we agreed, or disagreed, with prior leaders, their approaches, seemed to be well – considered. Mr. Trump, on the other give, usually, appears, to be traveling, down – the – cuff, usually contradicting their own claims, and government members. Don’t we deserve greater representation, which puts all Americans, and the Constitutional guarantees, before any personal/ political agenda?

 Many feel, if someone else, demonstrated, that sort of misbehavior, he would have been, gone, previously! There were several accusations, and significantly evidence, including, conduct relating to interactions with foreign governments, profiting from government actions, etc, which appear to point, we have experienced, a greater evidence, on personal/ political agenda, and/ or, home – fascination, compared to the better excellent!

There’s, possibly, always been, what’s usually known, as political spin, but, never before, in new storage, have we experienced, anything like, what we are presently, watching, watching, and living through! The priced – atmosphere, rhetoric, vitriol, partisan politics, and polarization, are unlike anything, previously experienced!

We appear to become a split state, with these supporting, Leader Donald Trump, seeming, to think, they can do no inappropriate, and seem, prepared, ready, and able, to put up him, to the same standards, prior Presidents, have already been held to! Political fact – pieces, have declared, the current occupant of the White Home,

Has lied, or made serious misstatements, more than 12,000 situations, because he was elected, and his velocity of distorting, moved up, exceedingly, within the last few year! With this in mind, this information may try to, fleetingly, contemplate, study, evaluation, and examine, 4 variations, between truths, and political agenda/ home – interest.

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